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Auction Notice

Texas statute requires that storage facilities publish their auctions at least 15 days prior to the dates of the sales. The Hart Beat currently publishes the sales for over 100 storage facilities in the San Antonio area. We also provide subscribers with a quick reference guide to the weekly sales sent via e-mail.

Notice of Sale is required under Chapter 59 of the Texas Property Code which regulates Self-Storage Facility Liens.


  • A lessor who wishes to enforce a contractual landlord's lien by seizing and selling or otherwise disposing
    of the property to which is attached must deliver written notice of the claim to the tenant.
  • If the tenant fails to satisfy the claim before the 15th day after the day that the notice is delivered the
    lessor must publish or post notices advertising the sale as provided by this subchapter.
  • If the notice is by publication, the lessor may not sell the property until the 15th day after the day that
    the first notice is published.

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