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Lead Sheet Information


The Hart Beat provides a complete list of Assumed Names (dba's) filed with the Bexar County Clerk. The list contains the names of the business and the owner as well as the mailing address.

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The Hart Beat provides sales managers easy-to-use spreadsheets to create prospecting lists of sales leads. Filing an assumed name is one of the first steps in starting a business. This gives your sales staff ample time to reach a prospect before your competitor. New businesses have needs for insurance, accounting, legal and financial services, office supplies, telephone equipment, computers, furniture, copiers, office space, printing, etc.


The Hart Beat publishes the list of Sales Tax Permits filed with the State Comptroller's Office in Austin. This list contains the names of the business and owner, the address, the telephone number (when available) and the NAICS Code (business type.)

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Once a company knows that they are going to be selling an item or service which is taxable, they apply for a sales tax permit. Sales tax information indicates a retail establishment ready to begin serving customers. As with the Assumed Names, sales managers can create prospecting lists from excel spreadsheets which include telephone numbers. All new businesses have needs for advertising, telephone services/equipment, computers, printing, accounting, insurance, office supplies, personnel services, banking services, etc.


The Hart Beat provides the listing of the most recent home sales in Bexar County. This list includes the names of the sellers and buyers, the buyer's address, the name of the lender and the loan amount as well as the closing date. The subdivision is also made available on our weekly spreadsheet.

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New owners of residential property have a need for a variety of services. Our information makes it easy to identify and qualify new home owners by zip code, loan amount and whether the property is new or existing construction for any company offering services such as: pest control, security systems/monitoring, locksmith services, interior decorating, landscaping, house cleaning services, remodeling, etc.


The Hart Beat provides a complete list of newlyweds filed with the Bexar County Clerk. The list contains the names of the bride and groom as well as their mailing address. Our weekly spreadsheet also includes their dates of birth.

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The newlywed information provides useful sales leads to financial planners, banks, real estate agents, insurance companies, restaurants, florists, furniture stores, credit card companies, etc. The birthdays are extremely helpful in mailing or making special offers to the couple (i.e. a restaurant might want to mail a "Happy Birthday" offer, an insurance agent might offer different products to someone 45 as opposed to 25.)

All the above information is published in The Hart Beat. It is also available in easy-to-use, weekly excel spreadsheets - emailed straight to your computer to help make doing business as easy as possible. Call (210) 392-6225 for more information and to start your subscription today!